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Study NCERT textbooks and Crack HOTS in Board Exams

NCERT Textbooks

The key to crack the high order thinking skills (HOTS) questions is to thoroughly study the NCERT textbooks. Board examinees are becoming sure of it with every paper. Class XII students from the commerce stream began their board exams on Thursday with business studies.

The paper largely had direct questions but a couple of bouncers left students scratching their heads. That’s precisely what the HOTS questions, introduced two years ago, aims at. Sonali Bajaj, who teaches business studies at Springdales School, Pusa Road, said: ‘‘Those who have extensively studied the NCERT textbooks, will be able to answer these questions better.

Though a few one-mark and three-mark questions were applicationbased, the six-mark questions were more or less direct. It was a scoring paper.’’ According to a class XII student, who appeared for the exam in west Delhi, there were a couple of questions which were completely unexpected.

‘‘There was a question on when and why is there a need to have a framework within which managerial and operative tasks are performed. There was another question on labelling in which we were supposed to make a drawing. It was something new,’’ the student said. D R Saini, principal, DPS RK Puram, also said those who followed the NCERT books would manage such questions.

‘As per my discussion with the business studies teachers, the questions were confined to the curriculum but the paper was slightly lengthy,’’ Saini said.

After Class XII, students of Class X will appear for their main papers on Friday. Being the first batch to get grades in CBSE exams and the last to appear in the boards of Class X, students said they felt both privileged and nervous at the same time.

Neha Gupta, who will take her social science paper on Friday, said: ‘‘I don’t think the fierce competition that existed all these years is there any more. Since grades will be given on a nine-point scale, it won’t matter if we score 91% or 99%. So it’s best to take it easy without becoming lax.’’

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